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The Science Festival would not be the same without our scientific explainers. Thanks to them, in fact, every visit to the Festival becomes a unique occasion for everybody to acquire knowledge. Explainers are a group of over 400 young people – high-school leavers, undergraduates and graduates – chosen from among more than 900 applicants. They follow a theoretical and practical training course, attending lessons which range from the methods of science dissemination to the different ways of expression. Teachers come from the worlds of research, communication and theatre.

The 2007 Science Festival sees the launch of the specialised school for "scientific professional explainers": EASE – European Academy For Scientific Explainers, a European network for the training of scientific explainers.

EASE’s main mission is the dissemination of science on an international scale, as well as the training of young researchers and graduates in terms of communicational and relational skills.

The training programme for scientific researchers aims, on the one hand, to boost the development of new professional profiles and, on the other, to create a "culture of dissemination" within the scientific community.
This will allow researchers to establish a link with society, in order to convey better the results of their studies.
The purpose of the network on a European scale is to develop a group of highly qualified people, who will be able to actively cooperate also in the years to come, thanks to the acquisition of a new "common language" which doesn't exist yet in the research market.

This training course lasts 120 hours and is divided into two parts: the first part will take place in the classroom, whereas the second part will be held directly at the Festival’s events. Explainers will assist the organizers in the preparation of exhibitions and workshops, thus gaining real work-experience during the Festival. 

The 40 young people attending this school will be chosen by a special commission from among all the applications received by 9th September 2007.

The school's teachers include: Leonardo Alfonsi, Enrico Bellone, Massimiano Bucchi, Frank Burnet, Pietro Greco, Guglielmo Maglio, Giulio Peirone and Annamaria Testa.

The staff coordinating the scientific explainers are Francesca Messina, Raffaella Denegri, Andrea Sessarego, Valentina Palazzo, Emanuele Biggi and Matteo Trevisani.

The explainers' activity is made possible thanks to:

Camera di Commercio Genova

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Are you a Festival explainer?
Click here to enter the explainers’ site.
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